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Cruising SE Asia


More Photos of Soggy Paws the CSY

Underway in the Tuamotus - Inside the Cockpit

Notice how smooth the motion is, and how dry the ride is! 
We are sailing under full sail in about 12 knots of wind. 
Boat speed is about 6 knots.
Underway in the Tuamotus - Deck View


Wing on Wing in the Gulf of Davao, Philippines  September 2014

Cruising Micronesia


Anchored in Fiji
July 2012

Sailing in Bikini Lagoon
July 2013


On our Way to Pearl Harbor
October 2010

On Passage
Fall 2010


View from Aloft
Fall 2010

Tahuata, Marquesas
August 2010


Rarioa, Tuamotus Waiting for Weather
July 2010

In the Tuamotus
July 2010


Pitcairn Island
March 2010

Fatu Hiva, Marquesas
July 2010


In the Galapagos
January 2010

Anchored at Easter Island
March 2010


Diving off Marathon, FL
Summer 2006

Off Panama City, Panama
Summer 2008


Off Sea Base in the Florida Keys
Boy Scout Charters

CSY 44 Walkthrough Line Drawing