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Soggy Paws - CSY 44 Walkthrough
Sold April 2016
Last Updated: August 25, 2020

Soggy Paws, a carefully maintained CSY 44 Walkthrough, has safely and comfortably carried her owners over 40,000 nautical miles through the Caribbean and across the Pacific to Southeast Asia. The boat and her owners Sherry and Dave McCampbell are well known as speakers and writers on boat systems and seamanship, and Soggy Paws reflects their knowledge and experience over 20 years of ownership.

Soggy Paws Sailing On Passage in 2010

Soggy Paws on Passage in 2010
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What is Out of the Ordinary on Soggy Paws?

1.  Refrigeration system.  After nearly 20 years of ownership and 8 years of cruising aboard full time, we have finally gotten the refrigeration system just right.  Our refrigerator is a 11 cu ft (300 liter) upright system with 5 shelves and two access doors.  It is built solidly into the boat, with good (4") insulation, and fiddles ("lee boards") to keep stuff on the shelves when underway.  The Frigoboat Keel-Cooled system installed in 2011 runs automatically, quietly, and very efficiently.

The freezer is a top loading 3 cu ft (85 liter) unit.  It is sized to be able to store at least 50-60 days worth of frozen foods for "out island" cruising.  The freezer has it's own Frigoboat Keel Cooler system, also installed in 2011.  The freezer compartment is well-insulated, and even in the tropics, easily produces ice and keeps food solidly frozen, without draining the batteries.

The combined energy usage of the two systems is only about 75 amp-hours per day in the tropics.  The system is so efficient because (a) the Frigoboat refrigeration system is very efficient and (b) the insulation on our boxes is much better than averge (R20 on the fridge and R22 on the freezer).

The Frigoboat keel cooler system avoids a noisy and often troublesome seawater pump.

2.  Solar system.  Our solar system is sized to produce enough energy to keep up with all our energy needs, even on cloudy days.  We have 6 panels for a total of 650 watts of power, and a top-of-the-line Outback MX60 MPPT solar charge controller.  The panels are mounted on the arch and side rails.  The panels on the arch can be swiveled fore and aft to catch the maximum amount of sun in the early mornings and late afternoons (because we now have an ample number of panels, this is not usually necessary).  The panels on the railing can be folded down and secured for passaging.

3.  Watermaker.  Our first watermaker was a typical cruising watermaker--a "Little Wonder" that produced good water slowly and took lots of amps to run.  When we set out cruising on this voyage, Dave built our own 40 GPH (150 liters per hour) engine-driven water maker.  About 1-2 hours of motoring a week will produce all the water we need for the week.    We also have a very nice water catchment system, that can be used to supplement the watermaker during rainy season.  In typical cruising mode, we only need to run the engine about 30 hours a year to support our water needs. See Dave's presentation about the design and implementation on our Presentations page. The watermaker was designed and built to use off-the-shelf components, so spare parts and consumables are readily available worldwide.

4.  Master bedroom.  The aft cabin on a CSY 44 is large and airy, with 5 opening port holes and 2 hatches for lots of ventilation.  Ample drawers, cabinets, and hanging closets provide an unusual amount of storage space for this size boat. We have modified the bed so that two people can sleep together fore and aft, without either one having to crawl over the other to get in and out.  And the bed is extra long and extra wide (King equivalent), so a 6'6" person can sleep comfortably.

5.  Security features.  After cruising through some dicey areas of the Caribbean, we put some serious thought into ways to secure the boat and ourselves, yet still provide air down below.  All of our overhead hatches are fitted with "security bars", so you can leave the hatch open for air and still keep the boat secure.

In addition, the main cabin hatch boards come in two flavors.  Our "High Security" hatch boards are made from 1/2" Lexan polycarbonate thick enough to stop a bullet. The sliding companionway hatch can be easily secured from the inside as well as outside.

The standard hatch boards have screens to let air circulate while keeping the bugs out, and a heavy duty mesh to keep other intruders out.

6.  Extra fuel capacity and fuel polishing system.  The CSY 44 Walkthrough comes standard with a single 90-gallon (340 liter) fuel tank.  We added an auxiliary 35-gallon (130 liter) aluminum fuel tank to extend our range.  At the same time, we also installed a Racor "fuel polishing system", so if you do get any fuel contamination, you can filter both tanks by switching on the auxiliary fuel pump and running the entire tankage through the Racor filter.  We also have dual Racor filters feeding the engine.  If one filter clogs, the filter can be switched to the backup filter in seconds.  In our 8 years of remote areas cruising, taking fuel from many dubious sources, we have never had an engine issue due to bad fuel.  Finally, we have 40 gallons of on-deck fuel storage in 4 plastic jugs to further extend our range, when necessary.

7.  Large walk-in engine room with workbench and vice, and massive parts and tools storage.  One of the great features that makes a CSY Walkthrough so very desirable is the walk-in engine room.  This area provides a workbench and tool/parts storage area that is the envy of every cruiser who has seen it. 

In addition, a large access door on the other side of the engine gives complete access to both sides of the engine.  No squirming into tight spaces to tighten a belt or change out a filter for us!!

Some additional features, equipment, and systems upgrades include:

  • Roomy center cockpit, excellent for entertaining AND passage-making

  • Very strong hard dodger with complete cockpit enclosure, so you sail in comfort, rain or shine.

  • Forward cabin with private bath and large separate shower

  • Center cabin with 67 headroom, large bookshelf, tons of storage

  • Monitor wind vane and CPT autopilot self steering (with spares)

  • Very good condition full-batten main, custom heavy 120% jib on and staysail on Profurl furlers

  • All standing rigging in good condition with Staylock fittings top and bottom

  • Aft swim platform and ladder

  • Aluminum stern arch with dinghy davits, radar, lights, wind instruments & solar panels. Installed with complete new wiring 2013

  • Electrical: 750ah House Batteries - Rolls Surrette CH375 L16 house batteries with new auto-watering system and start battery trickle charging system

  • Xantrex Freedom 2000 charger/inverter and Link 2000 battery monitor

  • 650 watts of Siemans/Solar World solar panels with Outback MPPT solar regulator

  • High-output 130 amp alternator with spare backup

  • 1980 Perkins 62 HP diesel engine in excellent condition with huge spares inventory, including starter, cylinder head, full gasket kit, fresh and salt water pumps, etc

  • Vertex SSB transceiver with tuner, Dynaplate and insulated backstay. Modified to transmit on both marine and ham frequencies.

  • Computer based navigation system with cockpit monitor.  Full set of electronic charts for entire world (plus 300 paper charts of the Pacific).

  • Lofrans horizontal windlass, anchors, separate chain & line ground tackle, all in good condition

  • New aluminum-bottom hypalon RIB Dinghy with 2005 Yamaha 5 HP outboard

  • 2 fixed mount VHF's--one at the helm and one below at the Nav station, with separate antennas.

  • GPS, wind instrument, and autopilot also at the helm station

  • Many spares for every piece of equipment on the boat

Link to Full Equipment List

The boat is in the Philippines, undergoing a complete cosmetic refurbishment, inside and out, including painting.

Price:  $119,000 US Dollars. This price is the "refit finished" price--for this you will get a shiny like-new boat--a completely "cruise ready" sailboat perfect for living aboard and exploring SE Asia, and a boat capable of sailing around the world.

Sherry & Dave McCampbell, s/v Soggy Paws

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