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Buy Us a Beer!

(Secure payment via Paypal, and you DON'T need a Paypal account)

We love what we do and we love to share our information.

If we were sharing an anchorage together, we'd probably sit down over a beer with you and share our insights in person.  You'd probably offer to buy a round, just to keep us talking. 

And then--while you're struggling to remember (or take notes on) everything we tell you, what if we offered to WRITE IT ALL DOWN for you, so you don't have to remember it??  How cool would that be?

Unfortunately... we're on the other side of the world, so a sit-down isn't too likely!!  But you can still buy us a 'virtual beer' using the above easy Paypal link (you don't even need a Paypal account, and it's totally secure)! 

We promise to have a 'cold one', in your name, at our next exotic stop.  We'll take a picture, and post our 'having a beer on you' picture right here, with our thanks.

Sherry & Dave

Recent Donations - THANK YOU ALL!!! - Last Updated: November 30, 2017

David from Canada - $30
  (Chartering in Raiatea)
Lisa - s/v Amandla - $50
Markus, Nana & Nick -  s/v Namani - $20
Frank (Tip) & Valerie from s/v Grace - $10
Jeffrey from Colorado - $200  (WOW!!!)
Rich & Lyn - s/v Fellowship from US - $25
Tristan - s/v Pangaea from UK - $50
Bronte - s/v Tutto Bene from Australia - $20
John from Texas - $10
Andrea from Germany - $10
Debbie & Mark - s/v Fandango - $20
Jeff - s/v Island Mistress - $100
Inger - s/v Flow from Norway - $10
Paul & Sue Lyn from Georgia - $25
Yahya Karagoz from Turkey - $10
Barry - s/v Sunrise - $25
Rankin & Sandy - s/v Gypsea Heart - $20
George - s/v Puma - $20
Gonzalo & Karina s/v Kazaio - $30
John & Regina from Brooklyn - $25
Richard from Alaska - $20
Lorca & Lola from s/v Pandion (California) - $30
Eric from Denver - $20
Sandra from Illinois - $25
Russ s/v New Morning - $10
Giovanni from Italy - $10
Barbara from California - $20

Buy Us a Beer!

(Secure payment via Paypal, and you DON'T need a Paypal account)